Geo-6 commitment regarding GDPR regulations

GDPR: EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Protection of personal data and respect of privacy are values of great importance for Geo-6. We process and protect personal data with respect of laws and regulations, in all honesty and transparency.

Geo 6 collects personal data of its employees, partner’s, suppliers and customers to meet legal obligations. Those data are stored and processed internally but are also transmitted and processed by third parties like social system’s, reporting tax authorities, banks, insurance companies. Geo 6 only works with trusted correspondents committed to follow GDPR regulations and Geo 6 keeps tracks of it. Geo-6 has setup internal procedures to ensure the confidentiality of those data in its own environment.

Data collection and processes based on business contracts with clients/partners/suppliers

Geo 6 collects and process mainly geographical data for business clients/partners/suppliers based on contracts. Since May 25, 2018, those contracts specify clearly that the data exchanged with clients/partners/suppliers may not contain personal data unless the contract has an agreed GDPR addendum meeting the requirements of GDPR regulations. Regarding existing long-term contracts, Geo 6 informs the existing clients/ partners/suppliers about the possible impacts of the new regulation on the existing services and provides support to adapt the services according to the new regulations.

Data collection and processes offered in open source

Geo 6 promotes and provides open source data and services. The aim is to allow individual people to increase knowledge and train on new technologies. However, some of those activities might contain direct personal data (uploaded file with personal data for example) or indirect personal data (IP addresses in a log-file for example).

For the open source data and services, Geo 6 makes the commitment to:

  1. Inform the users about GDPR policies when using open source services
  2. Not sell or further distribute direct or indirect personal data
  3. Build clear user interfaces that limit the risks to upload personal data into its open source services
  4. Not keep uploaded data more than necessary, using automatic deletion procedures of data or after 24 hour
  5. Use only sub-contractors following GDPR regulations
  6. Monitor the system only to increase user-knowledge and to decrease risks of leaks of data.

Who is responsible for te processing of data?

The website including all sub-domains are managed by:

Avenue Jean de Bologne 35
1020 Brussels
BE 0421.608.025
office @ geo6 . be

Wich personnal data are we collecting on our web-services ?

For our contractual partners we collect service registration data what means that we collect following personal data:
Name, First name, valid email address, date of demand, role for service registration and different technical resources, such as cookies and log-information.

Purposes of the processing data?

Those personal data are exclusively processed with regards to the following purposes:

Are personal data shared with third parties?

No, the personal data collected are not shared with or transferred to third parties. Regarding our Web-hosting sub-contractors, Geo 6 only works with trustable partners meeting GDPR regulations.

What are the user’s rights?

Geo-6 will make every effort it reasonably can to ensure the personal data are processed in accordance with the legal standards. The data processing occurs with special attention for:

The registered User for whom personal data is kept has at any time extended rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition to its data and processing methods.

The User shall exercise its rights by means of a dated and signed request by email sent to office @ geo6 . be. A proof of identity must be attached to this request.

If these conditions are met, Geo-6 is obligated to answer within 30 days after receipt of the request. This period can be 2 months when requests are complex and numerous.

About those terms

We may modify the terms of this commitment to reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services.

The most recent version is available on our website.