GEO-6, simple solutions to complex problems

GEO-6, by its name, is a limited company active in the field of geographic information systems. Its main activity is integration and implementation of these geographic information in the working environment of organizations. An essential business process when you know that 80% of the data of most companies are geographical!

GEO-6 works so for more than fifteen years in the development of custom-made projects, adapted at the needs of each organization, by putting at their disposal its skills in geographic data processing, services and web application, geocoding and geostatistics, routing optimization, …

Besides, GEO-6 made the bet of the open-source to build and distribute its services. Its experience in engineering of the geographic information and its mastery of open-source tools enable her to implement simple solution in total independence of the expensive commercial products.

Through its multiple creative projects, GEO-6 touches on different sectors of a company: environment, transport and the logistics, infrastructure management, crisis management, marketing and communication. Its collaborative approach makes it possible to develop, over the years, an expertise shared with its customers. Indeed, most of the customers of GEO-6 have become long-term partners always state-of-the-art.

Because, in an increasingly complex environment, GEO-6 is committed to provide companies with lightweight, dedicated, fast web application and at a lower cost. A pragmatic and pro-active analysis always giving the priority to organization with which it collaborates.

Want to know more about the services GEO-6 offers and the tools it uses? Visit our “Skills” page.