« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication » - Leonardo da Vinci

Integration phase

Originally called Digicom NT, GEO-6 was founded in 1998 as a limited company active in the area of geographic information. Its main activity: the purchase and resale of hardware (computer, GPS, data…), commercial software, geo-cartographic data and license. The company then proceeds from the following paradigm: the rapid technological evolution leads to the emergence of the offers in hardware, software and data more and more automated (micro-computer, GPS, internet).

GEO-6 provides hardware, commercial software and data, and acts as an integrator. At the time, the systems are proprietary and require significant resources in terms of licensing costs as well as technical assistance to ensure the continuous operation.

Between 2005 and 2008, GEO-6 expanded its activity by implementing a major campaign to raise public lighting infrastructure. The company is developing its expertise by creating complete real-time data capture and data processing solutions for large organizations, assisting them in the management of their infrastructures and the implementation of their databases.

Development phase

The Internet is rapidly deploying and the mapping tools (digital maps, GPS systems) are becoming increasingly accessible to the public. GEO-6 made the choice to no longer commercialise hardware but to offer software/multi-sources data integration services and greatly reduced the sale of licensed products.

Design phase

In 2013, GEO-6 abandons its commercial activity as a reseller and develops its activity by offering two types of services to organisations: project development (development and pre-processing of data) and assistance, support and consulting services.

Today, GEO-6 offer personalized geographic information services that integrate into the working environment of each organisation in complete freedom of commercial licenses, respecting the corporate confidentiality and ensuring return on investment.

GEO-6 is aware of the constant evolution of mapping and IT tools and anticipates the needs of tomorrow to obtain a direct and precise result, adapted to the demand. Thus, the company does not see itself evolving without open-source, dynamic, collaborative and already at this time an inescapable tool in the sector of geographic information (GEO-6 also participates in different mapathons), in order to continue its offer of information service dedicated to customers.